How do you screenshot on a computer?

  Screenshots Got something super cool on your screen that you want to clip and send to your buddies or coworkers? How do you do it? Luckily for you there are a plethora of ways to get the job done. We’ll go over the built in options for Windows, some third party applications you can […]

Techy Tuesdays – Encrypting Your Hard Drive

  Encrypting Your Data Long gone are the days where you could throw away valuable information without fear of it coming back to bite you in the ass. Identity theft has been a problem for a long time, but it’s getting worse and worse every day. You can’t simply toss your computer out into the […]

Mobile Mondays – Anki

  Learning I’m admittedly a very poor student. I was never any good at actually sitting down and studying for long periods of time. I was “smart” enough to get through high school without developing any effective habits at processing and committing large sums of complex data to memory. This inevitably led to me getting […]

Freeware Fridays – Brave

  Stagnation New web browsers are always popping up. Very few of them seem to stick around or have any cool features that make them worth a damn. They certainly don’t have the momentum to take on the web browsing giants of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (which I suppose is going to be phased […]

Tooltip Thursdays – Adblockers

Ads Advertisements. The big ugly blight on the internet, buildings, and pretty much anything you can see. I can’t wait for the first ad covered toilet paper! I can’t think of a better opportunity to share your brand than by forcing it into the nethers of men and women everywhere!     The Good Despite […]

Wishful Wednesdays – Processors

Here We Are Again Another Wednesday, another day I get to wish for something far too expensive and far too cool for me to have. Last week we had the hottest graphics card on the market. This week, we’ll be continuing my dream of a super gaming computer, and present to you…   An Intel Core […]

Techy Tuesday – Protecting Your Password

The good ol’ days Back when all we had to worry about was war and famine, it was far easier to protect your valuables from the prying eyes/hands of others. All of your “stuff” was a physical item or idea and nobody could take those from you by anything other than force. Nowadays it seems […]

Mobile Monday – Doo App

Productivity I’ll be the first to admit that I’m kind of a productivity/app junkie. By that I mean I like the idea of being productive and I obsessively try to find an app that makes me feel more productive. Ideally this app would also actually make me more productive. I’ve used probably close to 100 […]

Freeware Friday – Everything

  Freeware Ah freeware. The wonderful nerds who build applications for themselves and then distribute it to the world for consumption. Tools I use on a daily basis, and tools that far too many people know nothing about. It’s moments like these that make me want to remind you guys to thank your local programming […]

Tooltip Thursdays – What is DNS?

DNS Dancing naked snakes? Damn nature scary? Nah. DNS stands for Domain Naming System and it serves an incredibly important purpose for pretty much anyone who uses a computer today. Some of us older folks will likely recall a time that we had to memorize phone numbers in order to call our friends and family […]