Wishful Wednesday presents – I want a GTX 1080

I don’t want for much in life. A life of travel and adventure? Bah. A super powered sports car with more horsey power than than there are horses in the state of New York. Nope. Generally a couple of shots of tequila, a little margarita mix, and a few ice cubes on a comfortable weekend night and I’m good to go. Unfortunately, the few things I do want cost sightly more than an arm and a leg. And is easier gladly give both, but so far I haven’t found any takers. Look at this bad boy –


Just look at it! It’s like Warmachine and Nvidia had a baby and produced this powerful sexy contraption you see before you. Its got a whopping 8GB of memory, 10Gbps of memory speed, and it’s even VR ready! I don’t think any VR game looks all that fun, but damnit I want it! It puts my current GTX 970 to great shame.

How I see my current GTX 970.

My little guy has gotten me by for a few years now, but it’s just a matter of time until Far Cry 80 or the Final Fantasy 7 remake that happens in 10 years causes it to chug and die. But until that day, I’ll keep wishing for this beautiful monstrosity. Unless I can find a good deal for the leg. Hit me up if you know a guy!

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