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Everything Search Tool
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Ah freeware. The wonderful nerds who build applications for themselves and then distribute it to the world for consumption. Tools I use on a daily basis, and tools that far too many people know nothing about. It’s moments like these that make me want to remind you guys to thank your local programming guru for all of their efforts pouring over the hieroglyphics that is their code. I can assure you that most of them take payment in the form of energy drinks.

The official definition of freeware is a program or utility that is free of charge. Neat!


Everything Search Utility
Most of the programmers you meet in the wild won’t look nearly this happy.



This leads me to my first and most utilized freeware application in this series. It’s name should tell you all you need to know about it; Everything. Everything was made for incredibly disorganized, chaotic minded, and forgetful people like yours truly. It is a lightweight, super fast, file indexing utility that installs locally on your desktop. In a nutshell, it’s like google for your computer (minus the ads for yogurt you’re getting just because you thought of yogurt once a few hours ago and google “conveniently” seems to figure out you’re thinking of yogurt)!

Seriously, this thing is fast. The interface is incredibly simple, and it’s pretty easy to figure out for yourself. Here’s a screenshot of what to expect when you first launch it.

Everything File Indexer
Not much to it on the surface, but underneath it gets oh so good.


Instant File Searching

So why am I ranting and raving about this little utility? Well, I save a lot. I have no system for saving stuff. I save stuff everywhere. I forget where I save stuff. Stuff gets lost. With Everything, that doesn’t matter! I can simply pull up the tool and start typing the name of the file or folder that I’m pretty sure I saved it as, and it immediately begins filtering the results. Check this shit out.

Everything Search Indexer
It’s so damn fast!


Windows search could really learn a thing or two from this little guy. It even works for file types and wild cards. Say for example I am pretty sure I created an excel spreadsheet and named it something something budget. I can type in *budget.xlsx and it will pull up anything with the word budget in it that is an xlsx (excel spreadsheet). Watch!

I never have to remember where I saved anything again! I use this tool pretty much constantly and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s as unorganized as I am. Click here to be brought to the website where you can download this little beauty. You can also donate to the developer here if you find this utility as amazing as I do.

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