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This sums up my productivity pretty well…


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m kind of a productivity/app junkie. By that I mean I like the idea of being productive and I obsessively try to find an app that makes me feel more productive. Ideally this app would also actually make me more productive. I’ve used probably close to 100 different methods, apps, journals, pens, sticky notes, you name it. Normally the problem that arises is that I wind up with a giant wall of information and things to do that I get overwhelmed and proceed to light whatever it is on fire and toss it away hoping to never be bothered by my dreams of productivity again.

Pictured: My hopes and dreams of being successful

A New Hope

One day, while wallowing in self-doubt and tequila, I found myself stumbling upon a new app in the app store that dared to make me a more productive member of society. Fueled by determination and Cuervo, I quickly proceeded to download the app. I then found out that it was only a pre-order for an app which is not something I knew you could do in the app store and forlornly went back to watching how cool other people were on Reddit.

A week goes by and I notice a new icon on my phones desktop.


Doo App Icon
What are you doing here little fella?


Presenting the Doo App

Doo is really freaking awesome! It takes everything wrong (to me) about most productivity apps and gives you a new and unique approach to tackling problems and tasks. Each task becomes a virtual “flash card” that stacks on top of one another. You only ever see a single task at hand and can choose to complete or snooze it. Take a look at what you can expect when you have a few tasks in place.



I know what some of you quicker individuals are going to say. “Hey smarty pants, if you’re so productive now then why does that first card say you set this up 2 weeks ago?” I would first say to you, good on you for paying attention, and then I would say, this is the best part about Doo in the first place. Doo forces you to see each task, because in order to get to the next task, you either have to snooze/schedule this one, or complete it. While this card may be two weeks old, I am seeing it every single day and I have made progress on it (had to repair some shit on my car for the inspection).

Doo also lets you do more with each card. You can click on the title of each card and add notes about it, create a checklist, and set up reminders about it for specific dates.



So the next time you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with your to-do list app or notebook, give Doo a try. It’s part of the reason I’m even writing this blog!


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