Wishful Wednesdays – Processors

Wishful Wednesdays
My offerings to the CPU gods…

Here We Are Again

Another Wednesday, another day I get to wish for something far too expensive and far too cool for me to have. Last week we had the hottest graphics card on the market. This week, we’ll be continuing my dream of a super gaming computer, and present to you…


Intel i7 Processor
These colors mean it’s hot like fire

An Intel Core i7 processor! Look at this sweet lil mama! It’s every PC enthusiast’s dream come true. With 6 cores, 12MB of cache, and up to 4.6GHz of processing power, this thing puts the PU in CPU. There’s always a great deal of online bickering between the AMD fanboys and the Intel fanboys, but the current victor is pretty clear. Every time AMD puts out a competitive product, Intel is releasing something even better. Sometimes I feel like they just have new products just sitting on the shelves waiting for AMD to release a new product.


Why this CPU?

Because I can. Also because this is my current CPU.

Intel Core i5
This thing just looks like it came from the 90s…

Just look at that sad pathetic junk. It’s amazing it even sold with what appears to be a sculpture someone drew graffiti all over and some dude fusing skittles into his eardrums. What the symbolism is there for computing power is beyond me, but I digress. This CPU has been a pretty good CPU. It’s held up well to video games and applications in previous years, but has begun a bit of an annoying habit as of late. It’s damn near catching fire in my case while trying to play Ni No Kuni 2! I’ve replaced the fan, the thermal paste, added fans, but nothing is working. It just chugs and chugs until it gets to my no no safe zone and I have to shut her down.


Moral of the Story?

No moral. Just want. Gimme gimme Intel. Make a young-ish man’s dream come true.

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