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Ah what a beautiful landscape


Advertisements. The big ugly blight on the internet, buildings, and pretty much anything you can see. I can’t wait for the first ad covered toilet paper! I can’t think of a better opportunity to share your brand than by forcing it into the nethers of men and women everywhere!


Clown Ad
Featuring Happy The Clown’s Playhouse!


The Good

Despite everyone’s innate hatred of advertisements, they pretty much pay for everything. Podcasts, TV, sports, you name it and some big or small conglomerate paid a sum of money to plaster their brand to a creative medium and the creator of that medium gets to keep eating and producing content. So on one hand, you watching these ads helps keep your favorite media in business.


The Bad

On the other hand, they’re usually incredibly intrusive and break the immersion most of us crave while watching or listening to our shows. TV shows in particular are notorious for timing “big reveals” or moments of climax right before a commercial so you’re more likely to stick around and watch them. Nothing quite pulls me out of the experience of a crime TV drama like a diaper commerical.


Diaper Ads
Yes. Now I must know how they murdered that entire family…


Introducing Adblockers

Adblockers are like the antibiotics for the bacteria that is advertisements. Simply install your favorite one, and you can peruse your favorite websites without the pop ups and annoyance. The current reigning champion for Adblockers is uBlock Origin. Available for any web browser worth it’s salt and is pretty set and forget.


uBlock Origin
*insert heavenly noise here*


Why this is potentially bad.

Great! So the ads are gone. No sweat off your brow. However, now a source of revenue for your favorite content producer is gone. Unless they’re incredibly internet famous, that loss could potentially force them to produce at a reduced frequency because now they have to get a second job to help pay the bills.


Sad Youtube Star
Just your typical forcibly retired Youtube star


An Alternative Solution

So you hate ads, but don’t want to starve your favorite artist. What’s a person to do? Luckily platforms like Patreon, Memberful, and simple donation buttons give the content viewer the ability to provide the content producer money directly. Now you’re blocking the ads, paying the artist, and everyone wins.

So the next time you’re annoyed by ads and are thinking of installing an Adblocker, consider the artist. Look for alternative ways to fund them if you can. Reach out to them about the platforms they can use so you can block their ads guilt free. Or maybe only block ads for web content you don’t care that much about. Whatever you do, just remember that almost every piece of content you see online was made by a person.

Until next time internet fam.

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